Yatra is a part of culture and heritage. People go to yatra to seek blessings, its both inner and outer journey. Yatra also help local economy. It also helps in national integration. Jammu and Kashmir is a land where several rishi muni, sadhu, saints visited and meditated from thousands of years back. Many old powerful temples were established by there great people. Yatra gives people an opportunity to visit these great places and spend time in the beautiful Himalayas. Some of the ancient historical significant yatras and there organiser details are listed below.

Harmukh gangabal yatra

Harmukh Ganga Gangbal Trust HGGT the sole trust for organizing the Historical Harmukh Ganga (Gangbal) Yatra with support from APMCC . It is organizes Gangbal yatra in September mid every year . The registration for the yatra open on June and closes of July. Altitude reached during this yatra is 14600 feet above seal level.

Yatra starts from Narannaag temple after a ceremony for the holy mace of Lord Shiva Charri Puja. Then yatris reach Trunkhul second basecamp after 20 kms journey via Buteshvar . After night stay at Trunkhul, they begin journey to Harmukh Gangbal lake. After trekking for 16 km, yatris reach Gangbal lake and the base of the Mount Harmukh. Gangabal lake is located at the feet Harmukh mountain . The pilgrimage was recommenced by APMCC led by its Chairperson Shri Vinod Pandit in 2009 after over a century of its suspension. Later, Harmukh Gangbal Ganga Harmukh Ganga Gangbal Trust was setup in 2010 to carryout yatra in organised manner . Gujjars of Narannag are part of this yatra for years.

The registration forms are available at Jammu and New Delhi with Virender Pandita jammu no(9419228980),King C Bharati Jammu No (9697659133), Whatsapp 9419130279 at Jammu… Ravinder Pandita No (09811143024), Pardeep Pandita No (09810193292),Amit Raina No(09899972462) Sandeep Raj Koul No(09214404455), and Manish Zijoo No(09999287606) at New Delhi and Up. Only limited number of yatries are permitted for the yatra due to security reasons and the registration will be on first cum first serve basis.

Hudh Mata Yatra

Shri Hudhmata and Trisandhiya shrines and their Annual Yatra is run and controlled by a State level Executive Body namely Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhaya Yatra Managing Committee Dachhan

An annual Yatra to Hudh Mata and Tri Sandhiya is held on Haar Shudi Ashtmi. Hudh-Mata is the local name of Paarvati mata . In the Nanth Nala area of Dachhan region there is a cave it has three naturally formed Ice Linga of Lord Shiva, Mata parvaati and , Ganesha. Ytar starts from Gori Shanker mandir in Sarkoot Kishtwar, further yaatris travel upto Patimhala and then to Ikhala 40 kms away from Kishtwar. From Ikhala, Yatris travel on foot to reach Sounder village, which the base camp of the Yatra. After night halt at Sounder pilgrims along with holy mace of Hudh Mata walk 6km from rom Radha Krishan Temple Sounder to Viraat Mata mandir Dilgoot. After the night halt at Dilgoot, they start towards Nanth nalla .Afetr travelling 20 kms yatris reach Gugath an dhalt there. Hudh Mata is 8 kms away from Gugath. On Haar Shudi Ashtmi yatris reach Hudh Mata. They take bath at holy shrine have a darhan of the linga. Afterwards proceed to Tri Sandhiyat 2 kms away to have a bath in its waters. Tri Sandhya is a a very sacred stream orginating from Hudh-Mata and Brahma Peaks. Nearby, is an old historical temple Kaikut. It is a Naga temple made of deodar wood. On the foot of the peaks is a small lake called Brahmsar. for More information check the Facebook page

Maha Dyneshwar yatra

Maha Dyneshwar yatra is held in August at height of 5800 feet. Yatra starts at base camp Mata Sharada temple in Kalosa Bandipora Kashmir it is organised by Sharada mata trust and supported by APMCC. for details contact 9797498449

Kousar Nag yatra or Kounsar nag yatra

This yatra starts from Reasi. Kousar nag is a high altitude spring located at 30km from aharbal. The lake is 12.5 Sq km area. It is at an altitude of 13000 feet. Lord Shiva meditated at this lake. The traditional route starts from Aharbal. This Yatra is organised by APMCC.

Budha Amarnath Yatra

Ten day yatra is organised by by several organisations including VHP. Located at 7500 feet in Rajpura mandi Poonch district in Jammu. It is close to the border. This is a very ancient shiva temple. Local BSF unit is protecting this temple. Swamy Vishwathmananda Saraswati of Sunderbani asharam perform puja for the holy mace every year . The shiva linga is orginated naturally not mand made. River pulasta flows near the temple. for more information contact Baba Budha Amarnath Yatra Sangh