Our duty is to re establish dharma through out Bharat

Dharma is not  about any religion, it is a social order which ensures truth, peace, prosperity, care, affection for all irrespective of which god they worship and how they worship. 

Bharat is not a just a piece of land, but it is a society where everyone lives peacefully, happily and honestly.

Several saints and rishis were born, lived and visited Kashmir. They gave great massages on this land and did great work for a peaceful world. Let us carry forward the work of great saints and rishis.

Awake Indians. Service to mankind is service to god. We can continue to work in our daily jobs, live with our families, but Let us make building of a strong and peaceful nation, the main aim of our life.

The ancient seer sri adi guru shankaracharya had given up his entire worldly life and through his austerity and penance devoted himself to one mission, for establishing dharma.

Let us Visit shankaracharya hill , pray for the nation and start our service for a strong peaceful Nation.

On this day of Shankarajayanti with respect to all great saints of India, let us pray for a strong peaceful Nation and for the re establishment of  dhrama.

Let Kashmir live in peace and prosperity. Let all faiths irrespective of which god they worship, coexist happily.  Let the land of gods and saints return to its ancient glory.